Some Like it Green!

NEWS CIfA 2013

Some Like it Green!

So what is the new ‘Green Chilli’ advert on the IfA yearbook all about? The brief for this year’s in-house competition for our cheeky back page advert was ‘different’. We’ve used this before but feel it still sums Headland up.

With over 20 people providing entries we had everything from retro spin (an old favourite) to original art work. But we don’t expect everyone to be a budding artist and so scribbled concepts were accepted on the assumption that our keen graphics team could bring it to life.

The cash prize was of course an incentive and with so much at stake it took some time to choose the winner. We eventually settled on Ali Robertson’s Green Chilli concept. It’s a spin on a well-known art work with a cheesy tagline straight out of Hollywood-ish (did you spot the originals).

Anyway, we felt the idea captured the ‘different’ theme well with an added take on the Headland colours (which are green if you hadn’t noticed). There are layers upon layers of complexity here, some of which we haven’t even spotted ourselves yet – nice one Ali – next year’s is already at the concept stage.

If you want to see more of the IfA yearbook back covers, check out our Behance portfolio