Why Join Headland

We Strive to be the best at what we do

We work hard to create an environment where our people feel valued, respected and motivated and where they enjoy what they do.

We invest in training and development and try to give everyone the opportunity, the encouragement and the support to do a great job.

Headland prides itself on developing the skills and abilities of its employees. Meet some of our key staff

  • We work to the highest professional standards and we won’t compromise on these.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement so that we can all keep challenging, learning and developing.
  • We understand and believe in the value of what we do.
  • We lead by example, working with our clients, our industry and partners to improve things for the better.

Standard Benefits

We ensure our staff are recompensed for time spent and expenses incurred. This includes

  • Clothing allowance
  • Paid travel time
  • Paid accommodation and subsistence on away fieldwork projects
  • Company contribution to pensions scheme
  • Paid Health and Safety training – CSCS cards, Quarry Passports
  • Bike to work scheme
  • Paid CIfA membership
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Time off in lieu for time worked above standard hours

Career Development

We run a system of Career Development Plans (CDP) and Personal Development Plans (PDP). When you start work with us you will be given a CPD passport, our practical solution to help employees focus  and record their career progression. Our modular training programme ensures learning and development opportunities.

Every piece of relevant experience that our employees gather either with us or elsewhere can be entered into the CPD passport, building up a body of experience and highlighting areas where an employee may want to seek out experience.

We take our line management and annual appraisals seriously and seek to ensure that an employee feels they can communicate effectively and develop in the way they want to.

Everyone has clearly defined roles and responsibilities, maximising our efficiency and reducing stress. We also pay CIfA subscriptions and give permanent staff time to prepare applications.

Sharing the Rewards

We want our people to work with us, not just for us.

One of the benefits of being a privately-owned company is that when the company does well, staff benefit too. This is not something that many of our competitors are able to say. Benefits of working with us include

  • Annual Profit-related bonus
  • Performance-related bonus schemes


Get in touch and see if you can start or continue your archaeological career with us.