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Adding value



Adding value



Adding value

Our post-excavation team provides expert opinion on a wide range of more technical areas throughout the life of any archaeological project. We know time is money, and that our clients want expert advice and practical solutions both on and off-site.

Since its inception Headland has put a strong emphasis on environmental archaeology, with in-house specialists in archaeobotany, sedimentology, wood, insect and molluscan remains, as well as osteoarchaeology. These are complemented by our finds team who are experts in artefact analysis, medieval and prehistoric ceramics and stone tools. Other disciplines and periods are covered by our network of tried and tested experts who are closely managed and well-used to working within the same commercial environment as Headland.

Right from the project design stage our in-house specialists are on hand to help identify the likely implications of fieldwork.  They advise field teams on the best ways to protect and preserve a wide variety of remains and on the techniques that will be most appropriate to the site. Our specialists ensure that all sampling strategies are appropriate to the site in question and that fragile artefacts are carefully retrieved and packaged for transfer to our labs.

One significant benefit of having our specialist teams in-house is that we can control the post-excavation process more closely, bringing often lengthy post-excavation projects in on time and on budget. On larger projects our in-house graphics team, supporting the process throughout, are  able to use their skills and creativity, to present the project and the client in the best possible light, through the production of academic articles, popular booklets, posters and digital resources.

Headland’s experts are well-known in their respective fields and recognised by the likes of Historic England, Historic Scotland and local authority archaeologists. Their reputations provide confidence and reassurance to stakeholders that best-practice is being observed at all times and that the project designs we prepare on behalf of our clients will be approved without delay.

Palaeoenvironmental Analysis

Our team offers expert advice on all aspects of palaeoenvironmental archaeology, agreeing appropriate techniques, sampling strategies, specialist analysis and reporting.

Finds Analysis

Our finds specialists are all hugely experienced experts in their fields. We can advise on collection strategies and analyse, interpret and assess the artefacts that are discovered during the excavation process, with confidence and efficiency.


We are experienced in every aspect of the recovery, recording and analysis of human remains; Headland’s osteoarchaeological team has excavated around 3,500 skeletons and cremations in the last two years alone.


Our highly trained and experienced geomatics team , place a premium on the importance of accurate, reliable and efficient data capture, intelligent and specialist analysis and responsible management and storage of all types of survey data.


For most projects, the final heritage planning obligation for our clients is to make the results available to the general public.