New additions to the Headland team

New additions to the Headland team

2019 was a landmark year for Headland with a significant expansion to our teams and capabilities. While our RSK colleagues in Consultancy have been the main news we have also been focussing recently on expanding our other teams, with an emphasis on the Post-excavation department.

In January 2019 our first Post-excavation Project Officer, Claire Christie, came on board and has successfully tackled a number of backlog and current projects, as well as developing a range of training modules in post-excavation procedures, reporting writing and radiocarbon dating. These modules are being expanded and implemented alongside our colleagues in the Learning and Development department in order to further increase post-excavation knowledge and skill levels across the company. We have just welcomed a new Post-excavation Project Officer, Owain Scholma-Mason, at the start of 2020, which will ensure we have continued capacity to deal particularly with major infrastructure projects in the coming years.

In November 2019 the Environmental team was joined by our first full-time Osteologist, Sue McGalliard. Sue had been working down in Euston as a senior osteologist for the past few years on the major HS2 cemetery at St James Street, and brings welcome experience to the team. We recently appointed our first Senior Finds Officer, Sara Machin, who previously spent two years as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at University of Reading working on the results of the Silchester excavation. Sara has extensive experience working with ceramic assemblages, both pottery and building materials, from a wide range of archaeological periods, but with a focus on Roman Britain, and will also be helping to co-ordinate the vibrant and growing post-excavation programme in the south-east office.

We have also recently welcomed Ailsa Westgarth as a Senior Archaeologist. Ailsa has worked in both the archaeology and the construction sector and has a history of working on infrastructure projects and complex multi-period sites. Ian Henry joined us as the Learning and Development Coordinator with over 17 years of experience in the Learning and Development sector and nearly 30 years of experience in Operational Management. He will help us to drive forward our continued commitment to improving, developing and innovating skills across the company.

Welcome all!

Top: Claire Christie, Owain Schoma-Mason, Suzanne McGalliard Bottom: Sara Machin, Ailsa Westgarth, Ian Henry