Dunton Hills Farm, Essex

About This Project

As the size of sites continues to increase and deadlines become tighter, Headland is constantly looking at ways of improving service to our clients. In order to achieve the rapid turnaround necessary to meet some planning deadlines Headland began collaborating with another geophysical company who also combine rapid survey with a high quality end product.

Project Summary

The 120 ha survey of land surrounding Dunton Hills Farm and the Dunton Hills Family Golf Centre in Essex was one of several projects commissioned by Orion Heritage in 2016/2017 but was the first carried out as a joint venture with our partners at the Bartlett Clark Consultancy.

Project Details

In order to meet project deadlines the survey was carried out in association with BCC but under the overall management of Headland. Data was collected by BCC and pre-processed before being supplied to Headland for final processing, interpretation and reporting. The benefits of our geo-referenced, hand-carried, magnetometer system were demonstrated; with over half the site under a crop of oilseed rape it would have been impossible to operate a cart-based system.

No archaeological potential was identified by the survey; the data was processed and the report completed within two weeks of the survey, ensuring that the planning deadline was met. Although this was the first collaborative survey carried out with BCC, it is likely to be one of many due to the number of very large housing and infrastructure schemes we are currently involved with.


CEG Land Promotions Ltd


Orion Heritage

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Infrastructure (Housing)


Geophysical Survey

Location: North, Service: Geophysics