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A balanced and well-designed evaluation is crucial to understanding development risk. Our approach to evaluations takes into account our clients’ commercial considerations whilst offering targeted and tailored solutions.

Project Summary

A consortium of housing developers urgently needed to progress archaeological evaluation and mitigation in advance of their development. Their archaeological consultant had agreed a scope of works with the local authority archaeological advisor and we were contracted to complete that within a challenging timescale. The development site is located close to Alcester and lies in a landscape of relatively well-understood archaeological remains, dating largely to the Romano-British period. The site had been previously evaluated and remains of this and other periods had been recorded.

Project Details

The development area occupies 6.3 ha of open arable fields to the west of Alcester, Warwickshire. The entire application area was subject to evaluation via geophysical survey and trial trenching. Alcester itself is a Roman town (Alauna) and the site lies adjacent to the Alcester-Droitwich Roman Road. Romano-British settlement activity, comprising ditches, pits, a stone wall foundation, and a human burial were recorded during an earlier trial trenching evaluation. The Headland Archaeology 2015 trial trenching evaluation revealed further evidence for Romano-British settlement activity. This consisted of a series of ditches and other features in the central part of the Development Area, on the outskirts of settlement.

Our contracting staff expertly identified the remains present at the site and characterised them in a report for the development team. The archaeological consultant then used this report to negotiate a scope of works with the local authority archaeological officer. We have now embarked on the mitigation stage of works and are revealing significant Romano-British and other remains as a result.




Property (Residential)


Pettifer Development LLP/ Bloor Homes/ JJ Gallaghers Ltd


C2HM Hill

Contract Value

c. £100k to date


Trial Trench Evaluation/ Mitigation Excavation

Location: South & East, Sector: Property, Service: Evaluation, Service: Excavation
evaluation, excavation, Romano-British