Julia Bastek-Michalska

Julia Bastek-Michalska

MA (Hons) MCIfA


T: 0131 555 9571

Julia Bastek-Michalska

Graphics Manager

With over 14 years’ experience in illustration and graphic design, Julia heads up Headland’s in-house Graphic Team, working closely with Project Managers to advise them on the best and most effective way of presenting archaeological data. With a background in architectural archaeology and graphic design, she worked on projects in Poland, Greece and the Middle East, as well as the UK before joining Headland as an illustrator in 2010. Over the years, she has become expert in archaeological illustration and developed interest in architectural reconstructions, finds illustrations, photography and typesetting. She combines her archaeological knowledge with high end computer-aided graphics applications including desktop publishing and mapping software to produce high quality visual presentations of the past.

As a manager, she oversees all artwork created by her team, including exhibition panels, marketing material, client reports and publications. She is responsible for scheduling work, quality control, and ensuring her team has the resources and skills to meet their deadlines and produce high-quality outputs. She also works closely with the Marketing Team to provide guidance and direction on the Headland brand and liaises with external print companies to produce marketing materials along with Headland’s range of archaeological publications. She is passionate about using visual methods to communicate heritage to a wide range of audiences.

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